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Balloon Costumes

Balloon Costumes Balloon Costumes are fabulous for Parties, Parades, and Branding! We can make ANYTHING out of balloons!  That means we can turn YOU into anythings!  Do you want to be an adorable little cupcake, a tiger, an eagle?  Yes, we can make a fun wearable balloon costume of anything you can dream of! I…
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One Million Bubbles

One Million Bubbles Nothing brings smiles to peoples faces quite like balloons do! One Million Bubbles (OMB) originated during the heart of Covid to share light and love.  It is a campaign of kindness from Balloon Decorators, Balloon Entertainers, and all Balloon Artists world wide.  We were called to make a Balloon Display to spread…
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What is a Deco-Twister?

What in the world is a Deco-Twister? I am a Deco-Twister who is fortunate enough to do cool balloons not only here in St. Louis, but also all over the country! What is a Deco-Twister you ask?  Well, that means I have a solid background as a Balloon Twister before becoming a Balloon Decorator.  To…
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